Indian weddings are a celebration of a lifetime. The festivities of Indian weddings are spread over several days, leading to heartfelt moments of joy. From choosing a celestial date found written among the stars to the pre-wedding gatherings like the Mehendi and Haldi ceremony to the union of two souls perfectly made for each other and the post-wedding receptions and parties, Indian weddings definitely have it all. Dress up and start a new chapter of life in style!

A wedding is a day when everybody wants to look flawless. It is important for the groom to be comfortable and look fantastic in the right outfit, a stunning wedding suit to go along with his already dazzling bride.

Look no further. Mizaj is the ideal destination for the perfect Bespoke wedding suits for the groom. Here at Mizaj, we never believe in the one size fits all approach. Every suit we deliver is unique and sewn to fit the groom perfectly, accentuating the style, charm, and appeal.

The master suit makers, Mizaj

Mizaj is an all-exclusive men's brand specializing in Custom-Tailored Wedding Suits. Our specialist tailors are well experienced in the art of stitching the perfect wedding suit that will surely steal the show. Using the advanced Gerber technology for pattern making and superior expertise in custom tailoring, we deliver only the best to the grooms.

At Mizaj, our customers have the luxury of choosing from over 20 distinct premium fabrics, 3500 shades, and 350+ styles. Our qualified stylists are adept at creating a style that is fully customised for you. From elegantly ethnic to modern designer suits, Mizaj is the place to get your 100% custom- tailored wedding suits that give you a luxurious look and the best fit.

Wedding Suit Options:


Tuxedos are the epitome of luxurious sophistication, commonly worn with a formal shirt, shoes and other accessories like bow ties and vests. Mizaj crafts custom-designed and tailored tuxedos in a variety of colours, styles & cut for the utmost polished and classy option for your nuptials.

Prince Coats and Classic Suits

Prince Coats combine the eastern and western suiting styles in a regal blend. Classic suits can be worn either as a Three-piece suit which includes vest, jacket, and trousers or as two-piece suits with jackets and matching trousers. Mizaj customizes suits to fit your needs, including the lapels or a shawl to go with.

Bandhgala Suits

Mizaj makes sure that the custom-made, dapper-looking Bandhgala suit gives you the extraordinary look for what is surely the most memorable day of your life. Bandhgala Suit of royal origin finds its roots in India, featuring a mandarin collar and can be accessorized with a pocket square or a brooch with accessories that can accentuate the regal look. Bandhgala blazer is available in a variety of fabrics such as velvet, silk, brocade, etc.


As the hub of stylish nuptial wear for men, Mizaj presents a splendid range of sherwanis. Sherwanis are quintessential wedding attires adding to the groom’s classy style and sophistication, especially when tailored from rich quality fabrics and adorned with embellishments. Sherwanis, tailored at Mizaj, is the ultimate wedding ensemble for the groom.

Indo-Western Suits

Indo-Western suits perfectly combine ethnicity with refined western elements, making it a must- have wedding ensemble. A vital part of the stylish groom’s wardrobe, the bespoke suits at Mizaj are guaranteed to cater to your style. Mizaj provides you with impressive suits at reasonable prices.

Bandi Jackets

The ever-charming Bandi jackets are custom designed by Mizaj to make you garner vast attention during celebrations. Typically worn with a shirt or a kurta, a Bandi jackets or Nehru jackets are tailored with plain texture or different embroidered motifs according to your inclination.

We at Mizaj design your wedding suits alongside your wedding dreams. As Mignon McLaughlin once put it, in the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything and Mizaj plus weddings equals extraordinary celebrations.