A sleek, stylish and perfectly tailored and bespoke formal coat suit for men can only be the work of an artist - a bespoke tailoring master. However, not everyone has the time nor the means to afford custom-tailored suits. Suits were an attire of the premium class, but today, it is one of the most common business attires for men, both entrepreneurs and corporate employees alike. Now many top-end brands sell a variety of suits with a wide range of choices, from fabrics, colours, and designs to styles, globally.

The Mizaj Custom Tailoring Experience Starts with You

The key to a perfectly fitted suit or any attire is you. Your unique style and personality, flawlessly reflected in your attire, are what sets custom tailoring apart. Therefore, we begin the process by getting acquainted with your needs. Creating a custom suit at Mizaj starts with a consultation. Our stylists and tailors take the time to understand the client's lifestyle, preferences, and personal style. Interact with our professionals at Mizaj, whose expertise will ensure a pleasant and valuable experience, helping you in making the right decisions.

When you're in search of the best business attire for men, these are some factors you should consider

1. Fit

Most of the suits you find in retail outlets have a ‘standard sizing,' meaning standard measurements from S, M, L, XL, XXL or the standard shirt sizing, for example, 38,40,42, etc. These off-the-rack suits are more affordable than custom suits, but one must deal with the inadequacies of general sizing. The sleeve length, the crotch length, the circumference of the sleeves or trousers, etc.
Adding to this, the suit will not be an appropriate fit for various body types and contours.

2. Stitching

The stitching of the suit determines how the suit drapes or falls on the body. Custom tailoring suits requires great skill and years of experience. A good custom-tailored suit will flatter your body instead of making it look bulky. It is important to wear a shirt and shoes when trying on a suit to get a proper idea of how the suit would look when worn.

3. Fabric

Fabric plays a prominent role in creating suitable business attire for men. In retail outlets, the choices may be fewer than what you would like. However, in bespoke stores, professional suits for men are exclusively made-to-order. When it is only the business blazer men, going for custom tailoring is a good idea.

4. Suit Construction

The construction of the suits is as important as the fabric of choice. It is the deciding factor between a good formal coat suit for men and a not-so- good one. The perfect construction will give your business suit, the finesse and elegance for a lasting impression. Suit Construction is often a non-negotiable factor in choosing formal coat suit for men.

Tailored suits vs standard fit

Tailored or custom-made suits provide the best men's business suits. Bespoke tailoring, however, is much more expensive than standard off-the-rack formal coat suit for men.

The reason for a higher price is for the skill, precision and finesse of the craftsman who stitches every suit from scratch from measuring, stylizing, cutting and stitching one suit at a time, exclusive to your body type and comfort. The fit you get from tailored suits contours and flatters the right areas to give you the comfort and charisma your best business suit should provide.

The most important aspect of best men's business suits :


There are various styles available to choose from, be it slim fit or regular, or even a classic fit. Then there are the age-old styles, single-breasted and double- breasted. Of course, we cannot miss out on the classic tuxedo (aka) Notch Lapel.

The style of the suits is not necessarily the entire suit, but can be implemented on individual pieces, such as pleated or flat front trousers, an unconstructed blazer, patch pocket tweed blazer or even single and double vented blazers. There are many styles to choose from, according to the need

Today, for all these elegant styles and choices, there is one place you can go to in Chennai; Mizaj-suits your perfection. It has over 1652 shades to choose from and a wide range of over 20+ fabrics. Mizaj should be your destination if you are looking to get bespoke professional suit for men. The craftsmen at Mizaj use the advanced Gerber software for pattern making to ensure you get perfect and professional suit for men.

Mizaj's expertise in custom-tailoring suits is to deliver absolute perfection that people just wouldn't think of going back to off-the-rack suits ever again. They have experts and specialist craftsmen; measurement masters, stylists, and experienced tailors at their disposal to guarantee you get only the very best experience and suits tailored to the Italian standards.


While some people may be interested in global brands, it is highly unlikely the fit, finesse and quality would match that of the custom-tailored suit you will find at Mizaj. Choose from the vast range of styles and find the best men's business suits to fit you perfectly only at Mizaj, the exclusive custom-tailored suit makers in Chennai.